the dent!

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” Jhon yelled at his mother as he stormed through the door, clunking his gear down on the old wooden chair his dad had bought in a auction. “Yes, I know but still, give an apology to Mrs. Myer” his mother said in disbelief. then looking away at his dirty old baseball clothes she added, “take your shirt to the laundry it will need a wash!”

Jhon went sadly to his room thinking about cars, base-balls and dents! and although he knew deep down that the dent and the hit was certainly not an accident he refused to admit his knowledge.

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  1. Hey Annalie,
    Thanks for the message. Glad you liked my story i have read some of yours and i really like the effort and word choice.I always write to much. Hahaha

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